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Addidi Inspiration Award The winner of the Addidi Inspiration Award 2013 will be announced at a champagne reception on Thursday 20th June 2013 at Tavistock House, London. Each of the champions will speak about their Woman in History before a last opportunity to vote for the winner.

The winner will be the Woman in History and her champion who has polled the most votes voting is now open. So have a read, be inspired and vote for your favourite Woman!

Tickets for the Champagne Reception are available from didi@addidi.com or 020 7060 0700.

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Addidi Addidi is the financial services boutique for women, their partners and families. We create and manage wealth to empower women to live more fulfilling lives.

We believe that wealth should be:

  • Utilised as a tool for happiness and inspiration
  • Used to broaden our horizons and live a rich life

We take care of your financial life so you can enjoy yours.

Addidi Pioneers This is community of Addidi clients and women from its network who work together to support / invest in pioneering projects in the UK. So far, we have supported 10 projects in less than 2 years. Each individual spearheading the projects has had an inspiring story to tell such good work been done for relatively small sums of money and as members we have received a return which cannot be measured in monetary terms.

Addidi Pioneers provides a collaborative framework allowing us to meet and support a number of creative, forward thinking and inspiring individuals who are making a real difference on the ground to solve a range of problems. Come and join us.

Some of the projects, we have supported include:

XLP www.xlp.org.uk through The Bread Tin www.thebreadtin.org
The Hackney Pirates www.hackneypirates.org
Food Cycle www.foodcycle.org.uk
Enabling Enterprise www.enablingenterprise.org
Renaissance Foundation www.therenaissancefoundation.com
Just for Kids Law www.justforkidslaw.org
Tender www.tender.org.uk
Spear www.spearlondon.org
Working Chance www.workingchance.org
Women Budget Group www.wbg.org.uk

We are good at what we do - ferociously and diligently looking after our members financial interests and supporting them in their lives.

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